NightCafe AIWe really enjoyed diving into NightCafe and assessing its features. If you’re new to generating AI Images and want a solid platform to get started on NightCafe is for you.

You can get started with simple prompts and find your groove creating images and art. NightCafe AI has plugged into all of the major AI image models and has an excellent selection of pre-set styles to choose from. Read on to learn why you should choose NightCafe or jump straight into a NightCafe free trial.

NightCafe AI Quick Summary

NightCafe AI is an innovative AI Image Generator platform that enables users to create unique AI-driven art and images. Created by the company NightCafe Studio, it stands out among its competitors by offering a variety of simple AI tools and features. Launched in 2021, NightCafe AI has quickly gained popularity among artists, designers, and enthusiasts. You can find more information about the company on their LinkedIn page.

AI APP SCORE: 93/100

NightCafe AI Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
AI Art Generator Limited free trial
Stable Diffusion AI Image Model Some features require paid plans
DALL-E-2 AI Image Model No mobile app
Photo Style Transfer Tool
Fun Social Challenges
Public and Private Chat Rooms

NightCafe Studio Discount Codes and Special Offers

As of now, there are no specific promo codes or discounts available for NightCafe AI. However, they do offer a limited free trial that allows users to experience the platform before committing to a paid plan. To access the free trial, simply sign up on their website.

You will receive free credits just for signing up and there are a few easy ways to earn extra free credits. Just make sure when you’re creating images that you go to the settings and select one image only for each image request. This is the best way to get the most mileage out of your free credits. The default setting is four images but that will use up your free images too quickly.

How To Get Started Using NightCafe AI

The sign-up process is simple and you don’t need to register first to try it for free. You’re literally just two quick clicks away from creating your first AI Image. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the NightCafe AI sign-up page
  2. Click the big “Start Creating” button
  3. Click “Create an Instant Temporary Account”
  4. You’re in! You can create an image right away with your 5 free credits. (Remember to change the settings to 1 image per prompt)
  5. From there you can earn additional free credits by registering your email, filling out a survey, sharing NightCafe on social media or following any of the other easy steps for free credits.
  6. If you like the results you can upgrade to a paid plan and buy additional credits any time.

NightCafe AI Key Features and Tools – 9/10

NightCafe AI offers an array of tools that are valuable for creative artists and designers. These features include:

AI Art Generator: Allows users to create unique and visually stunning artwork using AI technology.

Stable Diffusion Image Generator: Provides high-quality, abstract images using a diffusion model.

DALL-E-2 Image Generator: Generates images based on text prompts, allowing for increased creativity and customization.

Photo Style Transfer: Transfers the style of one image to another, providing a new way to manipulate and enhance photos.

Challenges: Engages the user community through creative contests and interactive events.

Public and Private Chat Rooms: Enables users to discuss ideas, collaborate, and share their work with others.

Below we dive into more detail about each of the features:

AI Image Generator

The AI Art Generator is NightCafe AI’s flagship feature, providing users with an intuitive tool to create unique and captivating artwork. By using AI-driven algorithms, the platform can generate original and visually appealing images based on your inputs. This tool offers an exciting new way to explore the boundaries of generative AI, making NightCafe AI an essential platform for those looking to experiment with AI-generated images and art.

One of the best aspects of the NightCafe AI generative AI platform is that you can choose different AI image models for your image requests. This allows a lot of freedom to experiment and learn which of the models works best for your needs. We really like this capability and wish more AI Image platforms offered the same level of flexibility.

The main two AI text to image models provided are Stable Diffusion and DALL-E-2. Rather than trying to understand the technical differences between these systems we recommend trying them. They both create amazing images and art.

You can also try the other text to image models available at NightCafe called Coherent and Artistic. While less well known, it’s always a good idea to try different models. Depending on the type of images you need, these systems might be perfect for you.

Photo Style Transfer

The Photo Style Transfer tool is located with the Text to Image models mentioned above but works quite differently. It enables you to upload your own photo and then apply a new style to it. You can experiment with different styles and aesthetics, resulting in unique and engaging visuals.

Photo Style Transfer is a fantastic tool for those looking to enhance their work and explore new creative avenues. You can upload any photo or even use of the images you’ve generated in NightCafe.


NightCafe AI hosts various challenges that engage its user community and encourage artistic creativity. These challenges offer artists the opportunity to showcase their work, gain recognition, and potentially win prizes. By participating in challenges, users can push their creative boundaries and connect with like-minded individuals. A fun edition to the NightCafe AI App that we hope other generative AI tools adopt.

Public and Private Chat Rooms

NightCafe AI provides public and private chat rooms, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among users. These chat rooms enable artists to discuss ideas, seek feedback, and share their work with others. By offering a space for communication and collaboration, NightCafe AI helps users develop their skills and broaden their creative horizons.

NightCafe AI Ease of Use and Design – 9/10

NightCafe AI’s user-friendly interface and design make it easy for users to navigate and utilize the platform. With a variety of AI-driven tools available, users can quickly start creating and generating unique art. The UI is consistent with the overall feel of NightCafe, which is a rock solid AI Image generator platform for new and experienced users.

The learning curve is minimal, allowing users to get value from the platform right away. There’s no need to include piles of images and how-to’s in our review. We promise you’ll get hang of it fast. We give NightCafe AI an ease of use score of 9 out of 10.

NightCafe AI Pricing and Value – 10/10

NightCafe AI offers a tiered pricing model, catering to different user needs and budgets. The Free plan provides access to all of the main features but limits the number of credits you have daily to produce images. As you’ll notice, the free plan also includes advertising which is necessary nuisance when you’re getting free images.  The Nightcafe paid plans work in two different ways:

Nightcafe AI Monthly Pricing Plan

You can pick the level of credits you’ll need monthly and the corresponding pricing. Start as low as $5/month for 100 monthly credits! Below you can see the different monthly plans. You’ll also get some additional features not included in the free plan and the advertising is removed. Get a 20% discount if you commit to an annual plan upfront.

NightCafe AI Pricing

NightCafe Pay as You Go Credits

Not ready to commit to a monthly plan? No problem – Nightcafe offers the flexibility of buying packs of credits. The packs range from 100 up to 10,000. The pricing is very reasonable and this is a great option if you want to extend your trial or maintain flexibility without buying a monthly or annual plan.

NightCafe AI Credit Packs

We are impressed with the low pricing compared to competitors and the variety of options to choose from. We hope more AI Apps adopt this level of pricing flexibility.

NightCafe AI Feature Roadmap and Release Schedule – 7/10

While specific details about NightCafe AI’s upcoming features and improvements are not readily available, the company is continuously working on enhancing its platform. Users can expect new tools, integrations, and optimizations to be added to NightCafe AI in the coming months.

They just recently released a new “Studio” version that offers a new, modern design for creating images. Not all of the AI models work with the Studio version, so you may need to flip back and forth between versions.

We scored NightCafe low on this metric only because we couldn’t find any public statements about their feature roadmap. As soon as we get details we’ll update their score.

NightCafe AI Customer Support Options – 9/10

Nightcafe offers a solid list of customer support channels:

  • Email Support: Users can contact the NightCafe AI team via email for assistance.
  • Help Center: The Help Center provides a knowledge base of articles and tutorials to help users navigate the platform.
  • Community Forums: Users can interact with other NightCafe AI members to discuss issues, share tips, and seek guidance.

AI Integrations and Partnerships

At the time of writing, we could not find any information about specific integrations or partnerships with external tools such as Adobe or WordPress. However, keep in mind that the company has likely invested a lot of time into integrating with the different AI Image models they offer such as Stable Diffusion and DALL-E-2.

Top NightCafe AI Use Cases

NightCafe AI is an invaluable tool for various industries and roles, including:

  • Graphic Designers: Generate unique visuals and artwork for branding, advertising, or digital design projects.
  • Artists: Create one-of-a-kind pieces for personal or professional portfolios.
  • Content Creators: Enhance social media posts, blogs, or websites with captivating images. No more stock photos or expensive photo libraries!
  • Educators: Use AI-generated art as a teaching tool for students learning about art and design.

Security and Privacy

NightCafe AI takes data security and privacy seriously. The platform adheres to GDPR and CCPA regulations, ensuring that user data is protected and handled responsibly. NightCafe AI employs encryption and other security measures to safeguard customer information. For detailed information on NightCafe AI’s security and data privacy policies, it is recommended to review their official documentation and contact their support team if needed.

Final Verdict

NightCafe AI is a powerful and user-friendly AI image generation platform that offers a variety of innovative tools.  The platform helps artists, designers, and content creators create unique AI visuals. We love how simple the AI tools are and the generous number of free credits offered.

With features like the AI Art Generator, DALL-E-2 Image Generator, and Photo Style Transfer, NightCafe AI provides immense value to new and experienced AI users. The platform’s supportive community, engaging challenges, and affordable pricing make it a top choice for creative professionals and enthusiasts alike.


What is NightCafe AI?

NightCafe AI is an artificial intelligence-powered platform designed to help artists, designers, and content creators generate unique and captivating visuals using various AI-driven tools and features.

Is NightCafe AI free?

NightCafe AI offers a free plan based on credits, allowing users to explore the platform without any financial commitment. Paid plans are also available for those who want access to more advanced tools and capabilities.

Is NightCafe AI legit?

Yes, NightCafe AI is a legitimate platform that has helped numerous artists, designers, and content creators enhance their work through AI-generated art. The platform offers various innovative features and has received positive user feedback on social platforms.