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The software industry is currently undergoing a massive shift as AI AI Tools and Apps explode in popularity.  Each month thousands of new AI software solutions are launched. At AIAppScores our team researches, reviews and scores the best AI tools making it easy to find the best ones for your business.

The core artificial intelligence technology powering this shift advanced under the radar for decades. The launch of  ChatGPT in late 2022 was the catalyst for mainstream adoption. If you’re new to AI Apps our guide to ChatGPT is a great place to start. The chart below spells out the incredible response to ChatGPT’s launch:

ChatGPT 100M Users
Source: App Economy Insights – See Original Tweet

Within just 90 days of ChatGPT arriving over 500 new AI software solutions were launched with thousands more on the way. These tools cover every imaginable software market with the biggest breakthroughs occurring in the following sectors:

  • AI Image Generators – Build libraries of incredibly creative AI images and art.
  • AI Text Generators – Create high quality content for your business faster than ever before with the best AI Writing Tools.
  • AI Marketing Apps – Rapidly improve conversions and marketing copy across all channels.
  • AI Chatbots – Provide a level of cost effective, high touch, personalized customer engagement never before possible.
  • AI Detection Tools – Use these tools to improve the quality of your AI content for SEO and reader engagement.

The tidal wave of AI hype, fears, and misinformation paired with the sheer volume of new AI products being released daily caused a major problem: Figuring out which of these AI Tools can provide real value for your business is overwhelming.

Our goal is to sift through the mountain of new AI Apps and provide detailed reviews of the best ones. We evaluate and score the features, pricing model, ease of use, security and other other important factors. We also share exclusive promo codes, free trials, and discounts to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal.

What are AI Tools?

We have a simple definition that guides our scoring system:

AI Tools are software solutions that provide a massive gain in productivity and make your work easier by completing tasks faster and better than humans.

The use cases are unlimited and we list hundreds of examples across our detailed AI Tool reviews and evaluations. A few popular examples include:

  • Automation: automate time-consuming tasks like data entry or customer service
  • Speed: analyze data faster and more accurately than ever before
  • Productivity:  get more work done in less time, allowing your to grow and scale your business at light speed

The technology under the hood is complex and difficult to understand but what matters is that the value and efficiency gains these tools provide is mind blowing. Businesses who embrace and adopt the best AI tools now will have a huge competitive advantage over the coming decade.

Our AI App Scoring System

We only publish reviews of the very best AI Tools and Apps that we evaluate and score. Our team works hard to provide the most detailed and trustworthy reviews. There are a ton of new applications being launched that are all hype and provide little value or even worse lack proper security and data compliance.

We’ve in the software industry for a long time so we know the difference between a good solution and a rushed software product that will lead to frustration and wasted time and money.

Our scoring system for AI Apps is based on assessing the following for every review we publish. Each AI Tool gets a score out of 100 based on evaluating a long list of categories. The five most important are:

  • Key Features and Capabilities – What features are available and how do they stuck up against the competition?
  • Ease of Use – Is the App intuitive and easy to understand so your team can get value right away?
  • Pricing – Does the pricing offer good value compared to similar AI Tools?
  • Product Roadmap – Will the company behind an AI App continue to invest in developing new, innovative, high quality features?
  • Customer Support – Can you get help when you need it? Has the company invested in strong customer service options?

We also research discounts codes, free trial terms, integrations with other Apps, and security protocols for every AI App we review.

The Top AI Tool Categories

We cover the following categories and will add more as the quality of apps improves across the software sector. Remember – we are keeping the definition of AI tools and apps really simple – an application or tool that performs work tasks faster and better than humans.

AI Image Generators

AI Image Generators use complex algorithms to generate unique and original works of art. These apps analyze and interpret various inputs to generate new and unique images across an almost endless spectrum of styles from abstract to surreal to photorealistic.

There are many different types of AI Image Generators and Art Generators. We cover the best and most popular apps in our reviews including Fotor AI and NightCafe Studio.

AI Text Generators and AI Writing Tools

AI Text Generators provide unique, original, high quality written content. These apps can be used to automate content creation, assist with brainstorming ideas, or take existing content and improve and rewrite it.

AI content apps can automate the creation of news, product descriptions, marketing copy, landing pages, creative writing and much more. Popular examples of AI Text Generators include Jasper AI, Copy AI, and Writesonic.

AI Chatbots

AI chatbots simulate human conversation by understanding and responding to user inputs. They can automate customer service, improve user engagement on websites and social media, and provide personalized recommendations and assistance.

AI Chatbots can be integrated into websites, messaging apps, and 24/7 customer service portals. Popular examples of AI chatbots include Tidio, SmithAI, and SalesIQ from Zoho.

AI Marketing Apps

AI Marketing Apps automate and optimize marketing tasks such as lead generation, ad targeting, marketing copy creation, landing page production and customer segmentation. These apps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns by providing AI driven insights.

Popular examples of AI Marketing Apps include SEMRush for SEO strategies, Synthesia for text to video generation, and Scalenut AI which powers your entire marketing content lifecycle.

AI Detectors

AI Text Detector Apps estimate whether written content was generated by a machine or a human. They are used to help identify automated content and misinformation, detecting plagiarism, and assessing the credibility of written content.

AI Text Detectors are used by individuals and businesses to ensure machine written content can be identified and separated from human written content. Popular examples of AI Text Detector Apps include Originality.AI,, and Content At Scale.

Our Top AI App Reviews

Our team is busy researching and scoring TONS of new AI Apps and Tools so that we can provide you with best picks across all the major categories. Check out a couple of our early reviews:

Jasper AI

One of the top AI Text Generators on the market, Jasper AI is an incredible platform for managing your team’s AI content needs. The company started building Jasper in early 2021 and raised over $100M recently to fund further product development. Our Jasper AI review covers everything you need to know about this market leading AI App.

Scalenut AI

An AI Marketing App focused on creating AI content for marketing professionals. Includes strong SEO optimization tools to ensure your web content can rank higher than competitors. Our Scalenut AI review goes deep explaining why this AI Tool should be at the top every marketer’s list.


Artificial intelligence technology is going to change business software forever. At we make it easy to find the best AI Tools for business and super charge your teams.