AI Tools For BusinessWhether you’re looking for an AI Image Generator, AI Writing Tools or any other type of artificial intelligence software here are the top 10 considerations before making a purchase. All of these are factored into our Scoring System.

Is the AI App Legit and Secure?

It’s critical to ensure that you only consider AI tools and apps that were created by legit and trustworthy software vendors. There are so many new tools rushing to launch that companies are cutting corners on AI data security, feature quality, and privacy. All of the AI Apps reviewed here have been fully vetted to ensure you can sign up and purchase their products with confidence.

Are the AI Software Features the Right Fit?

If you’re looking for the best AI Image Tool does the solution provide the right type of image and photo styles? If you’re looking to generate AI sales copy does the tool specialize in sales content? It’s important to make sure that the AI App you’ve evaluating was built to fit your specific needs.

Can I Try Before I Buy With A Free Trial?

Most software apps provide the opportunity to take a test drive with a free trial. However it’s important to look at the terms of the free trial and make sure you’re not locked in to a purchase.

It’s also good to make sure the free trial provides enough credits or time to try out all of the functionality. Check our detailed overview of the best AI Software Free Trials to learn more about maximizing free usage of the best AI Tools for your business.

Are There Promo Codes or Discounts?

We contact the companies that build the AI Apps we review to get exclusive coupon codes and discounts. Not everyone realizes that software apps often have the same types of special promotions as consumer products. We help you get the best possible deal. For example if you’re looking for a top AI Content Writer you can currently get 17% off Jasper AI if you purchase an annual plan.

Is the AI App Easy to Use and Learn?

Ease of use is a critical factor when assessing whether an AI App or Tool can help your business. Some AI tech is being rushed to market and the user experience (UX) hasn’t received enough investment. An App may have a great feature set or powerful technology under the hood, but if it’s confusing to navigate and hard to use the features don’t matter.

What Type of Support is Provided?

Regardless of the support channel, which could be anything from social media accounts to a sophisticated support ticket system, software vendors should be able to reply within hours.

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck or running into a bug and getting no reply to help requests. We check and test support channels to make sure all of the necessary support operations exist.

What Product Integrations Exist?

One sign of successful AI App are established integrations with other software solutions.. It demonstrates a significant level of product investment and the ability to pass software integration tests with other vendors. Since the goal of purchasing an AI Tool is to increase your productivity, seeing built in integrations with other software you use is a huge bonus.

What is the Product Roadmap?

Make sure you have a good understanding of the Apps product roadmap. The roadmap shows what new features are coming soon and what features or tools will receive the most investment over the next 18-24 months. A published roadmap is a sign that the AI software you’re considering buying is legit and will continue to meet your needs into the future.

Does the AI App Provide a Competitive Advantage?

The hype around AI Apps is driven by the potential to rapidly increase your productivity and efficiency completing work tasks. So make sure it can! A quick test is the wow factor – if you try the App and you’re blown away by what it can do that’s a great sign. Many AI Apps are hidden gems that haven’t reached the mainstream yet so finding and adopting AI tools early can provide a massive advantage over your competitors.

Are There Reviews and Social Proof?

The best indication of an AI App’s quality is seeing it listed here on! But beyond that, are there other ratings and social reviews that show a high level of customer happiness? We check the main social review sites and provide a summary as part of our AI App Scoring System.