JasperAIJasper AI is a powerful content platform and the top AI Text Generator app in the market today. If your business relies on any type of online content Jasper is an essential tool. Our extensive Jasper AI review is based on detailed user testing and research.  We cover everything you need to know before trying it.

AI APP Score: 98/100

Extensive features Expensive
High ease of use Learning curve to maximize features
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Jasper AI Coupon Codes and Special Offers

Right now you can sign up and receive a Jasper AI 5 day free trial for all new accounts. If you visit via our links you receive an extra bonus – your first 10,000 words generated for free. This offer is only available via Jasper partners like AIAppScores.com so make sure you click on this special offer to redeem it.

In addition, within 5 days of your first monthly billing you can cancel your account and get a full refund. We highly recommend setting up a free account and taking advantage of the free 10,000 words.

How To Get Started at Jasper AI

Getting started is simple. Go to Jasper.AI and complete the following steps:

  1. Click the “START NOW” button at the top of the site
  2. Register using your Google account or email address
  3. Check your email and verify your account
  4. Fill out some quick, basic information
  5. Pick your payment plan, enter credit card details, and start your 5 day free trial + 10,000 words free bonus.

Jasper Key Features – 10/10

Jasper AI is a feature rich app with a strong selection of tools and add-ons. Below we summarize the most important features and explain their value.

AI Text Generator:

The primary reason for purchasing Jasper AI is to get access to the incredibly powerful AI text generator tools. Create blog posts, email content, business reports, social media postings, advertising copy, website content and much more. It’s not an exaggeration to say that once you start using Jasper for your content needs you can never go back.

Jasper AI Content Editor:

The editor for creating content has a similar interface to Google Docs or Microsoft Word but you also get deeply integrated AI technology. The editor experience demonstrates the high level of product investment and quality that separates Jasper AI from the competition. The Editor includes grammar and spell checks and other important editing tools.


Create content via a natural dialog similar to ChatGPT – but better. While ChatGPT tries to be everything to all users, JasperChat is focused on professional use. It’s also more reliable, easier to use, and doesn’t require tons of browser extension and third party tools.

Jasper AI Content Templates:

The best way to quickly understand the value of Jasper is to use their content templates. They make it easy to generate high quality content for your intended audience. This removes the time consuming trial and error process that plagues the ChatGPT experience.

Jasper Browser Extensions:

Once you’re a paid plan the Jasper AI browser extensions allow you to utilize Jasper’s features everywhere you work online. While it’s not a fully embedded integration, having access to Jasper while using Google Docs, Facebook, WordPress and hundreds of other web-based content tools is a huge plus. Available for both Chrome and Edge web browsers.

Support for 30+ Languages:

Another sign Jasper is a real software product with deep investment is the support for over 30 languages. If you serve customers across multiple languages this feature alone is a game changer for your content production.

Content Management Tools:

Categorize your work into projects and folders to stay organized.  Share documents and collaborate with your team with ease. And, most importantly, take advantage of the search function to quickly find Jasper AI content. Again, these types of content management and admin tools demonstrate how much time and money has been poured into product development.  This is a glaring weakness of ChatGPT’s premium version.

Ease of Use for Jasper – 9.5/10

Jasper AI’s user interface (UI) is designed with the user in mind, making it easy to navigate and use. The UI is clean, intuitive, and straightforward, with all features and functionalities clearly labeled and easily accessible. It does take some time to fully grasp everything Jasper can do, but in the mean time you’ll be creating high quality content. You get real value from day one which is important if you’re testing it during the 5 day free trial.

Jasper AI Pricing and Value – 9.5/10

Jasper AI pricing is available in two tiers:

  • Boss Mode – For Individuals and Small Teams: Plans start at $59/month for 50,000 words. You get access to all of the most powerful Jasper AI features. You can increase your monthly word limit up to 700,000 on a sliding pricing scale at any time. You can have up to five individual users.
  • Business – For Large Teams: For groups of 5+ users that need 500,000 or more words/month. Contact the Jasper sales team directly from the pricing page to learn more.

While the simplicity of a flat rate is appealing for business software, the model at Jasper is very fair. You are paying roughly 1 penny for every 10 words you generate. That is over 100 times less expensive than outsourcing your content to a writing service that will charge you 10-20 cents per word or higher!

Jasper AI’s Future and Product Roadmap 10/10

Many software reviews skip over this critical component of evaluation. There’s nothing worse than purchasing new software, training your team on how to use it, and then realizing you’ve purchased a stagnant product. Without consistent technical investment new software apps quickly get passed by competitors and leave you behind.

The good news is that Jasper is a large software company that launched in early 2021 and has rapidly grown. It raised $125 million in Oct 2022 at a $1.5B valuation. Incredible! That money is going directly into acquisitions and product development that will make the Jasper AI platform even stronger. This is a great time to buy and lock in your pricing, as we expect Jasper’s pricing to increase as AI-powered apps take over the business software market.

Jasper AI Product Roadmap Highlights:

Our research has found that Jasper customers can look forward to following new features and improvements:

  • Better Grammar and Writing Style Tools: Jasper in the process of integrating OutWrite, a grammar and style editor, that the company acquired in 2022.
  • AI Image Generation: The Jasper Image and Art generator add-on is already available and will be a major source of investment in 2023. Offering generative AI tools for both content and art in one platform is going to cement Jasper as one of the leading AI software companies.
  • More Product Integrations: Jasper has publicly stated they’ll be rolling out additional integration with third party business apps and software. Product integrations are expensive and time consuming to develop but add huge value for customers.
  • Core Feature Upgrades: Jasper’s CEO has publicly committed to putting a substantial amount of the $125 million the company just raised into further building out the core products.

Jasper AI Customer Support Channels 10/10

There are a number of customer support options including live chat, email, a searchable online knowledge base, and a Facebook community. If live chat agents are not available they commit to responding to support emails within 4 – 8 hours.

Another positive sign is that you won’t find customers online complaining about a lack of support. It’s clear that Jasper takes the customer experience seriously and will continue to invest in it.

As an extra bonus, Jasper provides tons of high quality tutorial videos and “bootcamps” to ensure all of the basics are covered. We highly recommend taking advantage of the bootcamps and free training.

Jasper AI Integrations

Jasper has several product integrations and is planning to release more in the next 12 months. The current integrations include:

Jasper AI – Surfer SEO Integration

Jasper AI and Surfer SEO have integrated to provide a seamless content creation experience. This integration combines the power of AI-generated content with SEO optimization, allowing businesses to generate high-quality, optimized content at scale. Combining these two first class tools will lead to better search engine rankings and organic search traffic for content companies.

Jasper AI – Grammarly Integration

Jasper AI has integrated with Grammarly, a popular writing assistant tool that helps users improve their writing quality. This integration allows Jasper’s AI text generator to use Grammarly’s advanced writing suggestions and corrections to produce even higher-quality content.

Coming Soon – WordPress Integration

During our research into future improvements for Jasper AI we learned that an integration with WordPress is coming soon. We can’t wait – this will be awesome integration for online content companies using Jasper.

Jasper Security and Privacy Policies

Jasper AI has strong security and privacy policies. All data is encrypted and stored in secure data centers, and access control policies ensure that only authorized personnel can access customer data. Jasper AI is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA regulations, and customers have full control over their data. Detailed data access and usage logs are also provided for monitoring and auditing purposes. Overall, Jasper’s policies provide businesses with the assurance that their data is secure and they check all of the necessary boxes.

Public Reviews and Ratings for Jasper

Jasper’s scores on the two biggest user ratings sites are impressive:

Jasper Alternatives

Solid alternatives to Jasper AI include Writer.com AI, Quilbot Paraphrasing App, and WriteSonic. These AI Apps have smaller feature sets and a lower price point. We will posting reviews and scores for these AI Tools soon.

Jasper AI Final Verdict

If your business relies on creating any type of online content it’s a no brainer to try the Jasper AI 5 day free trial. It’s the leading Generative AI Content Platform and provides incredible value. We highly recommend trying it out.

Jasper AI FAQ

Does Jasper AI offer a free trial?

Yes. You can try Jasper AI on a five day free trial. If after five days you don’t want to pay for Jasper simply contact support and cancel your account.

Is Jasper AI better than ChatGPT?

By a mile. Jasper offers a feature rich AI Text Generation platform with tons of features and add-ons. Jasper is real tool for professionals and teams that want to produce high quality online content.

Is the content created by Jasper plagiarized?

No. All of the text generated by Jasper AI is unique. Jasper has been tested with many plagiarism checkers and has a 100% success rate.